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5 Safety Tips to Remember For Your Senior Adult

5 Safety Tips to Remember For Your Senior Adult

It is imperative that senior adults are kept safe, especially when they are living in the comfort of their own home. Some of the common accidents that occur among senior adults must be prevented at all cost. It may include poisoning, burns, and falls. Here are some of the safety tips for your senior adults that must be considered as early as possible:


    Emergency numbers must be listed and kept in a conspicuous place, preferably right beside the phone. The emergency numbers must be in large print to make it easy for people to read, especially when they are frightened, scared, or in panic. Some of the numbers that must be included in the list are:

    • 911
    • Contact number of important family members
    • Healthcare provider
    • 1-800-222-1222 (Poison Control)

    If your senior has suffered from a fall before, the first thing you need to do is to call a provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Dover, Delaware for a risk assessment. Also, ask about the exercise programs appropriate for your senior to prevent falls. Tell your senior to use his or her walkers or canes whenever he or she moves about, instead of using the furniture or the walls for support.


    When your senior opt for Home Care in Delaware instead of staying in a senior home, then it is your task to safety-proof the house. You will have to install proper lighting in hallways, stairs, and pathways. The bathroom should have non-slip mats or rubber rugs. An area rug must either be removed or taped in place so that it won’t move around whenever someone walks on it. Installing grab bars in the bathroom and rails by the stairs are important too.


    As part of In-Home Senior Care, you will have to pay attention to the medication of your senior adult yourself. Never mix up medicines, so make sure the right medicine is in the right container. Meds should be properly labeled too. In fact, it is highly recommended that you label the meds in large print so that they won’t get mixed up. One of the things that you don’t want to happen as a result of you not paying attention to the senior adult’s medication is poisoning.


    Always keep the windows and doors locked at all times. Install safety equipment such as CCTVs or alarms to ward off burglars and robbers. When you have a senior adult at home, you don’t want him or her to suffer from any fright that these invaders bring. Keep him or her safe.

Americare Home Solutions can provide you not only with tips on how to ensure the safety of your senior adult staying at home but also the right home care he or she deserves. You can set an appointment with us to know more about the non-medical homecare services we can offer your senior. Call us at 302-747-7424.

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