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4 Fun and Exciting Activities for the Senior in the Family

4 Fun and Exciting Activities for the Senior in the Family

Observe your elderly parents or grandparents. How do they go about their whole day? Do they perform some activities over and over again? Do they complain about being bored and lonely? Do they desire to go outdoors every once in a while? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised if your elderly loved ones express sentiments like these. When you grow older and become part of the geriatric population, your physical limitations and health conditions might hinder you from engaging in the usual recreational activities you do when you were younger.

However, this doesn’t mean that growing old equates to having no fun at all. It’s never too late for seniors to engage in fun and exciting activities. You just have to arrange these activities according to what seniors can do, what interests them, and what activities they can tolerate. You can even tag your family members along for these activities. Here are four exhilarating activities for you to consider.

  1. Going Outdoors
    You may plan a walk or trip outdoors with your elderly loved ones. You may take them to the beach, the museum, the zoo, the mall, the park, or even around the neighborhood. When taking seniors to public establishments such as museums and malls, ask the management first if there are ramps, elevators, escalators, or railings that may help your elderly loved ones navigate the place around. You should ask the management about this issue first before taking seniors who are on wheels or who are using walking aids or crutches. Or you may ask other people about senior-friendly establishments around your place.
  2. Family Theatre
    What kind of movies are close to your elderly loved ones’ interests? Get a clear copy of a film, prepare some popcorn or snacks, and invite the rest of the family around for a movie marathon! You can set up an area of the house as a family theater. Usually, families love to watch musical films, action films, animated films, or comedy films. It really depends on the family’s choice.
  3. Board Games or Puzzles
    Stimulate your senior’s mind through board games or puzzles. If your elderly loved ones cannot see or hear clearly, you may play in their behalf or play in teams with the other family members. You can also have the whole family gather around to play a huge family puzzle to enhance family bonding.
  4. Exercise
    If your elderly loved ones can still groove to the beat, you can have a special exercise session at home. Turn on some music and do some aerobics. Or dance along to a dance tutorial or Zumba tutorial with your family members. Exercise does not only enhance family bonding, but it also makes the whole family stronger and healthier.

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