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5 Ways to Prevent Gastroesophageal Reflux Among Seniors


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a common health problem among seniors. GERD is commonly known as acid reflux that may also cause heartburn. This might be a huge nuisance to your elderly loved one’s physical health and wellbeing. Here are some of the ways seniors can prevent GERD for worsening:

  1. Avoid trigger foods or beverages.

    Do not attempt to eat or drink foods and beverages that allow GERD to happen. Trigger foods or beverages may include alcohol, caffeinated drinks, soda, fatty foods, spicy foods, and citrus fruits. Always eat healthily and avoid foods that contain too much preservatives and spices. In addition, stop smoking cigarettes as this can contribute to the harmful effects of GERD.

  2. Eat only up to what you can eat.

    Sometimes, GERD occurs either when you eat too much or when you eat nothing at all. You should eat a balanced diet and have an eating schedule so that you wouldn’t miss out on your proper nutrition. Eat healthier snacks like a homemade sandwich or vegetable salad and avoid eating junk foods or fast food meals. And always remember to never force yourself to eat more than what you can normally consume.

  3. Do not sleep or lie down immediately after eating.

    After eating a meal, you should do something else to allow your body to digest the food you had just taken in. Sit down and watch television. Talk to your companion at home. This tip is especially important for seniors. Sleeping or taking a rest on the bed can lead to serious problems in digestion and cardiovascular system. Allow one hour and a half or two before you let your elderly loved one sleep or lie down in bed.

  4. Always chew the food slowly and properly.

    Sometimes, GERD occurs because of poorly swallowed food or indigestion. Before your elderly loved ones eat a full meal, remind them to chew the food properly. You can also make chewing easy for them by chopping and cutting portions of the food into bite-size. Proper and slower chewing allows the production of saliva, which helps in lubricating the food you eat. In turn, this helps you swallow and digest food easily.

  5. Wear something loose or comfortable.

    Clothing also plays an important role in your digestion. Tight clothing may block the internal pathways of your digestive system. Thus, you should wear loose or comfortable tops and bottoms to ensure that your physical body is working well with your internal organs.

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